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TF Burning Fury - Prime Ascendancy [Part 3]
Back at Iacon.....
Blanita stands with her hands cuffed in front of her, as were Jhiaxus and their comrades. As they're on trial, they look up at the new council, led by Nextinel.
Apache: *as their defence* Your honour, my clients are merely victims of a democracy gone rotten. If you'd just listen to their pleas, then I'm certain that they could have a fair trial.
Nextinel: If they wish to speak, then let them speak. I wish to hear how they even knew of Nova Prime's existence in the first place.
Blanita: *chuckles* So, you want to know of how we became what we are now? Well enjoy it, cause I will say it once to your selfish, democratic faces.
In the flashback, Jhiaxus and Blanita are seen at the table with some rebels.
Blanita: *narrate* I have Jhiaxus before the war, and we never thought of power, but when the War started and we saw what Megatron has done, we feel that is it not right for him to win the War! So we come up with a coup, a revolution if you wish to use, I maybe have skil
:iconkrytenmarkgen-0:KrytenMarkGen-0 5 8
An Unacceptable Crossover! by KrytenMarkGen-0 An Unacceptable Crossover! :iconkrytenmarkgen-0:KrytenMarkGen-0 17 9 Marcy DressUp - Kimono by KrytenMarkGen-0 Marcy DressUp - Kimono :iconkrytenmarkgen-0:KrytenMarkGen-0 11 13


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United Kingdom
Hhhmm... Not much to say about myself, except... Hi. I'm Mark. XD

But really though... I'm a 23 year old single man who has very good drawing skills in cartooning. I love to listen to bands like 'Young Guns', Tenacious D, Rammstein and a hint of Skillet. My greatest interests are seasons such as 'Transformers: Prime/Animated', My little Pony: Friendship is magic (yes! I'm a Brony. Deal with it. :XD: And don't hate me, but I like Equestria Girls as well. ^^; XD), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Hero Factory and even Ghost Adventures (hosted by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin). Seriously, it's an awesome series! :D True, I don't fully believe in ghosts, but hey! It's still great. XD

Oh, and you should know, I am a MASSIVE Dinobot fan! :iconepiclaplz: I certainly look forward to seeing them in action in the new TF Age of Extinction movie. :D

I even have this homemade Transformers series going on in my head right now: Transformers: Burning FuryFormerly known as 'Transformers: SAGA'. Burning Fury is a series in which I've had an idea of in my head for quite some time now. :) And right now, I'm currently rping about it with my friend Delita-1. And it's one way to include some of our oc's without any of that 'Mary Sue' nonsense. I mention this to you now, because I've had the idea of designing some of the characters, starting with the lead one; Orion Pax. :) And right now, I'm getting to work with designing Bumblebee. :D (I've done that now, along with quite a few more characters. :meow: See below to take a look)
Upon crashing on Earth millions of years ago, Bumblebee is the first to wake among his fellow off-lined Autobots and invading Decepticons. His first and only option is to seek help from any of the planet's locals to seek a solution for his friends' revival. The first he comes across is local High-School boy, Gary Matthews, along with his friend Gemma. But asking for their help
Feel free to voice your opinions on that one. :)

Anyway, I hope you like my stuff, such as my fan art and even my ned Lego Digital Designer (LDD) models. :3

Enjoy, fans. :)
Okay, so apparently, TF The Last Knight is gonna be showing in my town's local Cinema at about 5pm, and I'm considering seeing it. :) The problem is, all the countless negative views keep holding me back, and I keep fearing that a great deal of people will be disappointed in me for wasting my money! ^^; -sigh- I don't know, I might skip it for today (I currently have a headache anyway). We'll see...

Also, apparently, Wreck-Gar is NOT Wreck-Gar. It's instead "Daytrader"... -sigh- Booooring! :iconlll-plz: XD
  • Watching: BIONICLE, TF RID, Nexo Knights


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TheDreamVista Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Have you seen the new movie "Transformers: The Last Knight? If so, what do you think?
KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
No, but I'm considering seeing it today... Although, most negative reviews keep putting me off. -_-
TheDreamVista Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Student General Artist
Take your time.

BTW, what do you think about the movie as you may have already seen it?
DoctorVK Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017
Thanks for the big faves once again. :3
KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You're welcome! :pat: I likes what I sees. :) X3
KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
:O_o: Oh... Well, then, I definitely approve of this one! :meow::heart: X3
KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Okay then, I like what I see with these two so far. :) Oh no, they've used one of Optimus's quotes from "Revenge of The Fallen", the worst of the movies. ^^; XD

Okay, so TLK Hot Rod's clearly a retook of DOTM Roadbuster, but it's taller than AOE Lockdown? :? Huh, go figure... Also, he's got feet identical to Lockdown's. :iconlll-plz: -sigh- Okay then, bring on the comments...

Aw yeah, now THAT'S a Windblade figure! :meow: X3

Ah yes, that one "Siege on Cybertron" set that I have little interest in getting for myself. How quaint. :) XD

-sigh- Oh well, I won't have any luck with getting either of those anyway. :(
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Taylorthedog1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hello There
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